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Applications & Solutions : Access to time switch technology from the home office

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Access to time switch technology from the home office

talento smart LAN module allows timers to be programmed from home

The corona crisis is forcing nearly all engineers and building service engineers to work from home. Visits to customers are risky for both parties. At the same time, people as well as buildings are having to adapt (and be adapted) to the new situation: businesses are closing, others have changed their opening hours, and access points are being moved. As a result, the control systems for doors, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems, access barriers etc. must adapt to changing requirements.


In this situation the benefits of the LAN module that Grässlin has developed for its talento smart DIN-rail timers become especially clear. By enabling location-independent access to the time switch technology, it allows that time switch technology to be programmed and checked and existing programmes to be changed. Risk-free from a desk at home.


talento smart system


The introduction of the app and the free PC software for talento smart already saved engineers a great deal of time. Once they have downloaded the free PC software to their PC, they are able to easily and conveniently create or change all programmes from their desk and then send the programmes by email to a smartphone or tablet. From there, programmes can be transferred via Bluetooth to the timer in the distribution box. Although this solution is wireless, it doesn’t work over long distances – it is still necessary to travel to the location, or to have someone on site with the talento smart app in order to transfer the data. In the current exceptional situation, the talento smart LAN module in combination with the talento smart S25 DIN-rail timer offers a decisive advantage. As data can be transferred via a network or the cloud, specialists for heating systems can control timers safely and remotely, and from any location. The module is installed in the distribution box next to the timer and linked to a network. The LAN module communicates with a PC, tablet or smartphone via the network or cloud and transfers the new programme to “its” timer(s) via Bluetooth – conveniently, quickly and at low cost. This concept was initially designed to reduce workloads, but it has now become absolutely necessary, and is also one of many examples of the benefits of digitisation that are currently emerging in this crisis.


talento smart software app

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