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Product Highlights : telltask 1C1 - GSM remote switch

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telltask 1C1 - GSM remote switch

The convenient one with temperature sensor and PC software

The telltask 1C1 with thermostat function is ideal for controlling chronothermostats, boilers and burners as well as air-conditioning units and heating systems.

Its integrated sensor allows the room temperature to be measured precisely and transmitted to a smartphone via text message. If the room temperature drops below a specified value, up to 6 users are notified. With PC software developed specifically for these applications, the remote control and monitoring of electrical and electro-hydraulic systems becomes child’s play. The device is designed for wall mounting and is easy to install.


Application examples:

For private users, the telltask 1C1 is a helpful way of heating spaces such as holiday apartments / holiday homes when necessary. They can switch the heating on while travelling to their holiday home, so the premises are warm and cosy when they arrive.

For commercial customers, the device is a perfect solution for the monitoring and control of factory buildings, warehouses and cold storage. Without being on site, it is possible to monitor and control the temperature in these buildings at any time. This type of data transfer offers maximum safety and efficiency, especially when it comes to perishable goods.

For building managers at larger companies, it means they can conveniently control all production sites and office spaces remotely from any location. Among other things they can, for example, switch fans on or off or activate sun blinds when room temperatures get too high. It is useful for building managers if they can keep an eye on everything, regardless of their current location.

For industry, the telltask 1C1 provides several options. If the room temperature in a machine room rises too far and puts the machines at risk, it is possible to activate pumps, air conditioning units and fans remotely. Up to 6 persons can be notified simultaneously via text message, so they can actively access the electrical consumers via the app. In addition, the device can also be used to control electrical entrances and rolling gates. A short text message is enough to effortlessly open or close the gates.



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