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What we offer:


  • Brand Labelling - as required

  • Customer-specific time switch modules - flexible and adaptable

  • Efficient and clever components

  • A genuine customer centered partnership


As a pioneer of time switch technology and temperature control, Grässlin has long-standing partnerships with renowned manufacturers in the heating and electrical industries. Sound knowledge of the market combined with over sixty years’ experience and mature technical know-how are the engines of Grässlin’s development of innovative and reliable product solutions. Working in close cooperation with manufacturers in both sectors, Grässlin devises and develops customer-specific solutions to industrial demand. For OEM customers, Grässlin has been offering mechanical and digital timers and time switch modules, as well as room thermostats and room thermostat timers, for many years. German engineering closely linked to international exchange in the field of research and development provide a foundation from which we will continue to meet the stringent needs of our industrial partners in the future. When Grässlin products are used to control timing, temperature and light, the company plays a key role in significantly reducing energy consumption, thereby protecting the environment.


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