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Videos : talento smart™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhrfamilie bietet vielseitige Steuerungsmöglichkeiten (EN)

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talento smart™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhrfamilie bietet vielseitige Steuerungsmöglichkeiten (EN)


Find the talento smart™ Digital Time Switch that meets your needs with our robust lineup of DIN rail-mounted solutions. Offering a secure Bluetooth® access, a tamper-free enclosure and a vibrant backlit LED display, the talento smart pairs intelligent design with German engineering. talento smart Basic Series The base talento smart B15 and talento smart B25 provide dependable control with streamlined mobile access and a variety of scheduling options, including daily, weekly and yearly programming. talento smart Classic Series Adding Astronomic scheduling to its core suite of features, the talento smart Classic Series offers an upgraded solution that helps users align schedule to dusk and dawn. Available in one-channel (C15) and two-channel (C25) models, it’s a reliable solution for a range of lighting and load control requirements. talento smart System Series Lastly, the talento smart CE2 and talento smart S25 compose the talento smart System Series. The flagship models allow users to connect up to 8 channels in total while offering impressive mobile programming options and a time-tested design. 

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