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Applications & Solutions : How to look after your Python

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How to look after your Python

talento smart timer ensures a species-appropriate climate in the terrarium

Pythons may be beautiful but looking after them is not easy. Get the climate wrong in our Python´s Terrarium it can lead to the growth of dangerous germs and viruses which could have fatal results for your Python. That is why reliability is the most important criterion for Markus when choosing technology. He uses two talento smart C25 timers that control the overhead irrigation and lighting in his terrariums to precisely suit the habits of his tree python and three royal pythons. As a result, his snakes enjoy their native climate in their terrariums.

Snakes are extremely sensitive animals and and require a stable environment. They are only comfortable in familiar ambient conditions. The smallest disruption can make them sick. Markus knows all about it. He has been pursuing his hobby for 20 years and has even bred snakes. And he would like to do so again – he has even prepared a number of smaller terrariums as nurseries. He currently controls the environment in his four large terrariums using Grasslin DIN rail timers. Now he has replaced his two talento 471 pros with our new digital talento smarts. They are designed to control humidity and daylight in such a way that the snakes feel at home – even though their home is thousands of kilometres away.





Warm and humid conditions – sun and rain just like at home

The irrigation systems for the terrariums are switched on for 30 seconds 2 times a day. This creates the perfect humidity. If the humidity is too great, mould and germs can develop easily and harm or even kill the animals. Here Markus relies on pulse switching, which is integrated in the talento smart timer. Once it has been programmed to the desired rhythm, it reliably ensures short“mini rainfalls”.


irrigation system for terrarium

 Irrigation system in the terrarium


Like all reptiles, pythons are poikilotherms. That is why they seek out light and sun to warm up. The controlsystem simulates the lighting conditions that the pythons know from their home in Africa and Papua New Guinea. Thanks to the Astro function of the talento smart timers, Markus can simply specify the precise location via the app or PC software, and the timer adapts to the precise sunrise and sunset data for a location in Africa or Papua New Guinea. At night, a special light is activated in the terrariums so that these nocturnal animals are not irritated by the light and can be fed and observed in peace. “I use the app here! It is very useful, because I can operate the night light remotely without disturbing the animals”, explains Markus. The snakes are much more active and fertile, which will also play a role in his breeding plans. In case of fertilisation, and depending on the size of the female, royal pythons can hatch 5 to 6 snakes, while tree pythons can hatch up to 30 snakes. These are then raised separately in separate terrariums. And these of course also require a control system for humidity and light.



Programming with ease

The system control is installed on the ground underneath the terrariums. This makes manual programming pretty cumbersome. So it is hardly surprising that Markus views the easy programming of the talento smart line on the PC or via the app and the simple transfer of programmes to the timers via Bluetooth as a massive improvement on traditional inputting timings on the device. – programming on the sofa instead of on the ground. “This is perfect. Now I can control everything conveniently from my sofa”, he says, smiling, “because I’m not getting any younger.”

 He also greatly appreciates the Astro function. Instead of having to collect the data on sunrises and sunsets in his pythons’ native homes, he simply needs to specify the location in the programme. He also loves that he can call up, modify and copy the programme at any stage, and feels this gives him security.


young pyhton in terrarium

 Young tree python


Snake lives depend on reliability

Markus has been relying on Grässlin timers for years. “There has never been a failure”, he says. This is enormously important, because the lives of his snakes can actually depend on the reliable function of the control system. If his breeding plan works, he will, for example, simply expand the system and transfer the programmes he has defined to the new terrariums. But that is still in the future. Right now, the important thing is that his tree python and royal pythons are happy and healthy.


talento smart

The talento smart C25


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