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Events : Grässlin becomes new member of Singapore Green Building Council SGBC

Energy Efficiency

Grässlin becomes new member of Singapore Green Building Council SGBC

The Green Building concept has now become established worldwide. Associations connected to the World Green Building Council support their ambition to create environmentally-sound, sustainable and energy-efficient buildings by specifying measured values and identifying and certifying environmentally-neutral and energy-saving products. In Singapore, which has long emphasised the need for environmental protection, the SGBC has been active since 2009, bringing together public and private partners to fulfil this shared vision. In 2018, Grässlin joined the council, helping the organisation at a financial level and with technical know-how in the field of time switch technology and lighting control.

The growing demand for green building services and products is not simply due to an increased environmental awareness among developers; green buildings generate significant energy savings for their owners, reducing the operating costs for the property. Buildings designated as green are easier to rent out or sell – the label measurably increases their value.

Companies who certify their products benefit in multiple ways: Certified products are listed by SGBC, which improves access to architects and planners. The SGBC provides the company with assistance in exporting abroad and taking part in foreign trade fairs. Certification by the SGBC is recognised by building authorities and other institutions, and using the products has a positive impact on a building being successfully classified as green. Access to international markets is made easier and it is promoted by the SGBC network. The widely dispersed membership of renowned architects, energy consultants and specialists in the field of sustainable, “green” construction, and academics and institutions is a major plus that is certain to benefit Grässlin in its aim of strengthening its brand recognition and market presence in Asia.


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