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Product Highlights : As needed – talento smart Basic or Classic

As needed – talento smart Basic or Classic

The talento smart product line features two further series in addition to the system variant, with different functions. The Basic variant is the more cost-effective solution for standard requirements. It can be used to control:

  • The classic ON/OFF function,
  • with 10 programming options and
  •  100 memory slots.

 By contrast, the Classic series is equipped with expanded functions for more complex applications, such as:

  • Pulse and cycle control
  • Random ON/OFF
  • The Astro function, i.e. controlling on the basis of local sunrise and sunset times

 In addition, the Classic series offers 50 programming options and a capacity of 500 memory slots. Both variants are available as one or two-channel timers. The talento smart Basic products can be used for simple applications like lighting streets, shop windows or advertising signs, while the talento smart Classic products are ideal for simulating home presence or for seasonal applications.


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