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Product Highlights : talento smart - the system

talento smart - the system


In the talento smart S25 DIN-rail timer combined with talento smart CE2 channel extension, Grässlin gives specialists the option of programming a system with up to eight channels via a single timer. The talento smart S25 features:

  • Two channels.
  • Bluetooth for transfer to CE2.

This means there is no need to lay wires.

Each talento smart LAN module can be connected, in turn, to up to five talento smart S25 units. The programming options via app and PC make it possible to manage large applications conveniently by creating groups.

This makes the system ideal for supermarkets or other large retail stores, for example, where main and supplier entrances have different opening hours and parking lot lighting that all need to be controlled centrally. It is also excellent for schools and large administration buildings.

All the elements of the talento smart system are compatible with one another. This paves the way for future enhancements, such as integrating additional devices or functions. The new generation of Grässlin talento smart timers replaces the talento pro range and is a further step on the road to global interconnectivity and intelligent energy and building control.

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