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Product Highlights : The LAN module – remote access via LAN network

The LAN module – remote access via LAN network

The LAN module completely frees the specialist from the need to be on-site. In addition, the installer can group together tasks and simultaneously adjust the timers at multiple locations to a new programme. Benefits of the Grässlin LAN module include:

  • The LAN Gateway can be scaled for each module from 2 to 40 channels.
  • It can be configured on the device itself, or using the app or PC software.
  • Each LAN module has an RJ45 socket for connecting to a network.
  • The status and configuration can be viewed on the high-resolution display.

 If you opt for the IoT solution, you also have a multiple encrypted connection, ensuring greater security. Time synchronisation takes place via NTP server.

The module is installed in the distribution box next to the timer and it is linked to a network. The LAN module communicates via the network with your PC, tablet or smartphone and transfers the new programme via Bluetooth to “its” timer(s) – conveniently, quickly and saving you time and travel costs.


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