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Product Highlights : talis II - High-frequency tech can see through walls

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talis II - High-frequency tech can see through walls

Grässlin is adding talis II to expands its portfolio of presence and motion detectors.

 talis II


Today, presence and motion detectors have become indispensable in public buildings, hotels and other large buildings accessible to large amounts of people. Where safety issues require – legally, perhaps, or to avoid potential damage claims – sufficient lighting, the detectors make sure that requirements can be met without wasting energy. Grässlin’s talis II line offers two technologies: Presence and motion detectors with passive infrared sensors and high-frequency presence detectors.


Points of view matter

Motion detectors are particularly suited for outdoor use. They cover a horizontal detection angle from 180° to 240° over a range of 9 to 16 metres. Installed and set up correctly on garages, facades or house doorways, they detect motion and register the ambient brightness to offer security in back yards, gardens, cellar doorways or car parks. Their sensitivity is limited to prevent things like passing sparrows from triggering them.

Presence detectors with passive infrared sensors (PIR) provide comfort and safety indoors. They cover a range from 8 to 40 metres, in which they detect even the smallest of motions to switch on lights as needed based on ambient brightness. An integrated light sensor constantly monitors lux levels and switches off the light when ambient brightness is sufficient, overriding any delayed switch-off settings. Some of the talis II PIR presence detectors can be set up by remote control. This is a considerable quality-of-life improvement, especially when they are installed very high up (as noted, maximum installation height is 12 metres) or in long corridors.


X-ray vision

The latest additions to the talis II line are designed for demanding jobs. They feature high-frequency technology using 5.8 GHz. A highly sensitive sensor can see its way through even when installed in a suspended ceiling and won’t even be stopped by glass, wood or bricks. The sensor emits high-frequency waves that register even minute movements and transmit these back by means of the Doppler radar effect. Unlike PIR technology, rooms will not have any blind spots as the sensor’s detection range encompasses the entire area both radially and tangentially. To prevent undesired detection, you can adjust range on the sensor itself. Because they are highly sensitive and can ‘see’ through walls, these presence detectors are especially well-suited for those who desire discreet, concealed installation.

The high-frequency presence detectors are available as a single- or dual-channel variant, which is capable of simultaneously operating lights and HVAC units. They are sturdy and temperature-resistant, meaning they can be used in extreme temperatures.

high frequency sensor


Broad scope of application, easy to install

Living up to its maxim of “reliable technology, maximum ease-of-use”, Grässlin has designed its talis II line to include a matching, attractively priced solution for anything from family homes to large-scale project ops. Thanks to the different variants available, the devices are suitable for surface mounting, flush mounting or installation in suspended ceilings. They are easy to install and simple to set up. Various accessory parts round off the product line and broaden the scope of application further.

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