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Videos : New talento smart™ LAN Module Offers Time-Savings for Installers

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New talento smart™ LAN Module Offers Time-Savings for Installers


Bring advanced control to a wide range of lighting and energy management applications with the new talento smart™ LAN module. Designed to help installers save time while providing unmatched access to program schedules, our latest solution makes it easy for users to update multiple timer controls wherever they have an internet connection. Through a local area network connection and integrated Bluetooth® technology, the LAN Module allows installers to create and modify programs from the comfort of their office or workshop without ever needing to go into the field. This equates to significant time-savings and helps minimize issues in the field. The LAN module works with the talento smart S25 Digital Time Switch and is supported by the talento smart Channel Extension. This gives users the ability to connect and manage up to eight channels per timer. Find the talento smart™ Digital Time Switch that meets your needs with our robust lineup of DIN rail-mounted solutions. Offering a secure Bluetooth® access, a tamper-free enclosure and a vibrant backlit LED display, the talento smart pairs intelligent design with German engineering.  

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