talento smart B10 mini 230V


The talento smart B10 mini can perform all the tasks required of a classic DIN-rail timer with the added advantage of a space-saving design. The one-module-wide DIN-rail timer dispenses with a display and it can only be programmed via app. All the programs can be created easily and clearly on a smartphone, tablet or PC, and they can then be transferred quickly and wirelessly to the timer via a Bluetooth interface. Despite its simple design, the talento smart B10 mini has a large number of useful functions. Developed specifically for the requirements of installers, it is equipped with a variety of technological innovations such as the WILDCARD function for simple programming of recurring events or the QUICK COPY function for a quick transfer of existing programs. Moreover it offers space for date-independent and date-dependent programs, with a total capacity of 50 memory slots.

Bluetooth® connectivity and mobile programming tools make the talento smart Series a perfect choice for a variety of time switch tasks. Its compact, DIN rail mountable design allows for quick installation into existing infrastructures, while Bluetooth integration makes it easy to program the time switch without opening the control cabinet. Boost productivity by updating schedules from a smartphone or tablet using the complimentary talento smart mobile app, available on Google Play and the App Store. Available Astronomic dusk-to-dawn timing functionality with Automatic Geolocation provides fast and accurate control.

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